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Save ThunderCats Twitter Campaign

If you have a twitter account, here’s an idea from Dominick Doyle over at the Save the New Thundercats facebook group. He proposes we all tweet the same thing at the time the show aired on Saturday morning to get it to trend.

Let’s schedule a mass tweet this Saturday when the show usually airs to see if we can get #renewthundercats to trend?!!/cartoonnetwork!/BandaiAmerica!/WB_Home_Ent

Hash tag: #renewthundercats

Please help spread the word!

WB Previews for ThunderCats Season Finale, Episode 26, What Lies Above Part 2 are in! It looks to be an epic one. Here’s one clip - see one more and stills at

"What Lies Above — Part Two"

Airs Saturday, June 16

9:30 a.m. ET/PT on Cartoon Network

In the season finale, Mumm-Ra’s forces find the ThunderCats and the Tech Stone in Avista City. An incredible battle ensues for the stone as Lion-O finds himself betrayed by a trusted ally.

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